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Smart Market Academy (SMA) Disclaimer: THE SMA PRODUCT, IN PARTNERSHIP WITH MTI, PROVIDES INFORMATION THAT IS SOLELY FOR EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES AND IS NOT INTENDED AS INVESTMENT ADVICE, NOR IS IT SUITABLE TO YOUR INDIVIDUAL CIRCUMSTANCES.FOREIGN EXCHANGE TRADING CARRIES A HIGH LEVEL OF RISK AND MAY NOT BE SUITABLE FOR ALL INVESTORS. The high degree of leverage can work for you, as well as against you. Before deciding to invest, you should carefully consider your investment objectives, level of experience, and risk appetite. The possibility exists that you could sustain a loss of some or all of your initial investment and you should not invest money that you cannot afford to lose. You should seek advice from an independent financial advisor. Nothing contained herein or offered by SMA and MTI is an offer to buy or sell futures, stocks, options, or any other financial instrument. SMA and MTI are not Commodity Trading Advisors or financial or legal advisors of ANY KIND. SMA and MTI does not manage money, offer personalized advice, or otherwise direct trades or trade on your behalf. SMA and MTI are not liable for any losses you incur as a result of trading. Statements regarding results, pips, income, gains, or losses are not an express or implied guarantee of ANY KIND. Your individual results related to these statements and trading in general may vary. Information presented herein is solely for the purpose of general market commentary from the perspective of an individual analyst. All information is provided AS IS with no representation, warranty, or guarantee. SMA and MTI expressly disclaims all liability associated with reliance on the information provided.

Pip Grabber & Trend500 Disclaimer:

ByDzyne is not the adviser, and it is entirely up to the independent user, in its discretion to decide whether to accept a signal. ByDzyne makes zero claims as to the benefits of the Pip Grabber tool or Trend500 and that no assurances can be given that the independent user will profit from the use of the Pip Grabber tool or Trend500 or that the user will not lose of its money. SMA Products offered by ByDzyne are only for educational purposes. All Trading Systems carry risks. Past performance is not indicative of future results. Individual results vary and no representation is made that clients will or are likely to achieve profits or incur losses comparable to those that may be shown.

The user of the Pip Grabber tools or Trend500 accepts sole responsibility for any and all-day trading, online trading, or online trading decisions, and accept that such decisions are made by user alone. All transactions that occur in user’s trading account with its broker and user accepts all legal responsibility for them. User understands that the Pip Grabber tool or Trend500 works with only a particular broker or a limited number of brokers. ByDzyne does not recommend any broker and it is user’s sole responsibility to perform its own investigation and due diligence regarding use of the broker meets user’s needs and is appropriate for user. If user believes that the broker is not appropriate for it, then it should not use or acquire the Pip Grabber tools or Trend500.

Heavy losses can be incurred when buying or selling FOREX, Stocks, Futures, or Equities, and you should carefully analyze your financial condition to determine if trading FOREX, Stocks, Futures, or Equities Contracts, is financially prudent for you. You hereby acknowledge and understand that buying or selling Stocks, FOREX, Futures, or Equities, can expose you to severe risks including the fact that you can suffer a loss of a percentage (if not 100%) of your capital, cash, and/or assets pledged to trade Stocks, FOREX Lots, Futures Contracts, or Equities.

You understand that ByDzyne is not responsible in any way, whatsoever, for any trading transactions that occur in my trading account which is between me and my broker. You also agree that there may be periods when the market turns against your interests, or unfavorable market conditions arise which make it hard, if not impossible, for you to liquidate a position, and you assume full legal responsibility should this occur. You agree that purchasing or selling Stocks, FOREX Lots, Futures, and Equities, may result in a profit or loss.

The user should practice Demo Trading (trading accounts that do not use real cash) UNTIL you come about with a strategy that ensures results acceptable to you. Don?t forget that real trading is substantially different from Demo trading. Demo Trading mitigates actual market conditions including, but not limited to, quick moving markets, failure to have an order filled, bad market conditions, and other conditions.

You must also understand that any profits will be subject to the payment of taxes. ByDzyne provides no tax advice and you are directed to discuss the tax consequences of your trades with your own tax professional prior to conducting trades.

ByDzyne does not represent itself as an Investment Advisor, or a Commodities Trading Advisor. ByDzyne therefore does not provide any kind, whatsoever, of any investing advice.You should carefully think over your investment objectives, risks and experience before participating in the Futures & Forex market. It is important to not invest money you cannot afford to lose.

Considerable risks in Futures & Forex transactions exist. Those risks include without limitation, leverage, creditworthiness, limited regulatory protection and market volatility that may substantially affect the price, liquidity of a currency or currency pair or Futures Contract, world political conditions.

As a result of the volatile nature of Futures & Forex trading, any market movement will have an effect on your deposited funds. You could sustain a total loss of initial margin funds and be required to deposit extra funds to maintain your position. If you fail to satisfy any margin requirement, your position may be liquidated, and you become responsible for any losses. To manage exposure, employ different risk-reducing strategies.

There are also risks associated with using an Internet-based trading systems including, without limitation, the hardware, software, and Internet connection failures. ByDzyne is not responsible for any communication failures or delays when trading via the Internet.

ByDzyne is not liable for any loss or damage, including without limitation, any loss of profit, which may arise directly or indirectly from use of or reliance on systems and signals provided by services sold by ByDzyne such as the Pip Grabber tools or Trend500. Moreover, ByDzyne is not responsible for correctness of any signals produced by such services or products.

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