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Keeping your cryptocurrencies, or private keys, safe and protected is now more important than ever, and this is exactly what the Secure Wallet will do. Combining world-leading security and ultra-portability, the Secure Wallet is the best choice for protection and convenience.
The smart, secure choice for your digital asset management

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The Smart, Secure, Bitcoin And Cryptocurrency Cold Storage Wallet

Secure Offline Storage

1000+ Digital Assets

NFT Support

Wireless & Portable

Wireless Hardware Wallet

Unlike app or web-based wallets, the Secure Wallet is a piece of physical hardware that is never connected directly to the Internet. Instead, the Secure Wallet wirelessly connects through a paired Android or Apple device.

The Bluetooth signal is encrypted with multiple layers of one-way hash functions using the AES256 encryption standard.

Top-of-the-Line Security

Your private keys stay safe inside the hardware Secure Element, and solid security design provides the highest level of protection. Meeting international security guidelines and specifications, the Secure Wallet is fortified by a CC EAL5+ certified secure element microchip, the top security component on the market.

Supported Currencies

The Secure Wallet currently supports - Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash and 680+ other coins/tokens. Each currency can have up to five wallets (accounts) in the Secure Wallet.

Everyday Convenience

At the same size as a credit card, the Secure Wallet is ultra-portable fitting into any physical wallet that holds credit cards, making it easy to carry around and very accessible.

Physical Confirmation

The Secure Wallet has a built-in One Time Password (OTP) button which is used to confirm any transaction leaving your Secure Wallet. In other words, nothing ever leaves your Secure Wallet without a physical press of the OTP button from you, the owner.

Long-Life Battery

The lithium ion battery inside the Secure Wallet feature will charge a low battery from 20% to 85% after a 1 hour charge, and will be at 100% charge after 4 hours.

Lost? No Problem

When you set up your Secure Wallet, a special code, called a "seed number" is generated. With this seed number (which you will store in a very safe place), you can restore your cryptocurrency balances if you were ever to lose your Secure Wallet, your phone, or both.

Easy To Use

Easily interface with your Secure Wallet using the mobile app, available on Android and Apple Phones. Through the app you can securely connect to your Secure Wallet and send, receive, manage, and safely store your Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.


A peek under the hood…

    1. Hardware Secure Element

    2. E-paper Display

    3. Bluetooth Connector

    4. Power / Confirmation Button

    5. Integrity Circuitry

    6. Rechargeable Battery

    7. Charging Connectors

    8. LED Charging Indicators

Beautiful Interface

What You Get In The Box...

Ready to keep your bitcoin and cryptocurrencies safer?

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